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Note: since this blog post was written, we have changed our name to Monax Industries and will be changing the name of our product to "Monax" in early 2017. We have left these posts unedited for the purposes of historical record, as the software was named Eris at the time.

Monax was the first company to market with a permissionable blockchain in December, 2014, and since that time we have been industry leaders in the industrial applications of ecosystem application technology. Since that time we have focused on improving the design and implementation of our ecosystem application platform as well as building sustainable product suite that would be capable of growing over time and also meeting the demands of a complex, fast-moving market.

It is with great pleasure that today we are able to announce our first two product offerings. We now are able to turn our support and learning endeavors up to 11 with a new series of premium support and education packages. We are also able to accelerate our customer’s efforts to leverage ecosystem application technology by utilizing a range of basic and industry-specific smart contract based software development kits.

Both of these product offerings are built with the same set of needs in mind. Primarily, that while interest in leveraging ecosystem application technology is extremely high, the skills to actually build ecosystem applications are rare.

Premium Support and Education Packages

In our extensive conversations with hundreds of market participants, developers, and implementors of ecosystem applications it has become clear that what is currently lacking in the market is the understanding of how to build these applications. While we have worked very hard to reduce the cognitive load for building ecosystem applications on our eris ecosystem application platform, it is inevitable that even experienced developers will be forced to wrestle the dragons of building ecosystem applications. These applications are newer technology than existing application paradigms and as such there is an increased complexity around how to build.

It is with this in mind that we have built our premium support and education packages. These packages offer access to premium support with a guaranteed response time for the questions your development team may have, in addition subscribers to the packages have access to monthly “learning sessions” hosted by our engineers. These learning sessions are partial tips & tricks sessions and partial “office hours” where your development team can ask ours any of the bigger questions that have been bothering them and which cannot be addressed simply over email based premium support.

Also included in two of the three tiers of the packages are the ability for our operations team to deploy a blockchain into your cloud environment so that you do not have to worry about the complexity of deploying a permissioned blockchain. Instead of hassling with the edge cases of deploying a blockchain, let our experts help you deploy and maintain the chain and let your development team focus on driving business value.

Industry-Specific Software Development Kits

The other big need within the market that we have found is the requirements to be able to build legally compliant smart contract applications. When one is talking about incumbent use of ecosystem application technology there is no room to be in non-compliance. While it is all well and good for many other companies to not worry about the legal implications of blockchain and smart contract technology, at Monax, we put legal compliance at the forefront of our thinking, our design, and our implementation.

Monax’s software development kits, provide a base framework for building a very broad range of smart contract based applications. The SDKs are built to be modular and extensible. Indeed, we also offer add-on modules for each of the offered SDKs that leverage this extensibility. Over time we will be adding many more add-on modules which extend our basic software development kits.

At this time our SDKs are pure smart contract systems. In the future we will also be adding in the ability to connect the smart contracts into your existing infrastructure as well as mobile and web application front ends. This will allow subscribers to simply go vroom instead of worrying about low level application plumbing with respect to building upgradeable smart contract systems with proper permissioning systems and other base requirements for their application.

In addition, with respect to many high-value use cases that require Monax’s legal engineering talent to design systems which can lower compliance costs rather than having to worry about being in compliance at all, we offer modules that can provide almost an entire application (depending on your use case).

How to Use

Typically premium support and education packages along with our SDKs would go together like peanut butter & jelly. We encourage our customers to look at subscribing to a combination of both product lines gives them maximum leverage to build their ecosystem application with the industry leading company in the enterprise uses of ecosystem application technology.

How to Purchase

We will offer our SDKs to the general developer community in 2017 but at this time they are fully available via the Monax partnership network. If you would like to leverage Monax’s cutting edge, legally compliant, software development kits to empower your ecosystem application please let your technology provider know, or get in touch with us via our contact form and our account managers will be in touch regarding pricing details.

We will offer our premium support and education packages to the general developer community in 2017 but at this time they are available via the Monax partnership network. If you would like to leverage Monax’s premium support and education packages to empower your ecosystem application developers please let your technology provider know, or get in touch via our contact form and our account managers will be in touch regarding pricing details.

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