Monax is Going on the Road

Monax is focused on growing a strong community and we’re really excited to share the incredible work we’ve been building with our global audience.

Marmots from both sides of the atlantic will be heading to some of the brightest and best industry events to spread the Monax word! Here is a summary of where we will be participating in over the coming months.

Where: Brooklyn, NYC
When: 24-26 August

We’re long-standing supporters of the Legal Hackers movement and are excited to be sponsoring their fourth annual summit. This will convene Legal Hackers chapter organizers and legal innovation thought leaders from around the world to share experiences and knowledge and to chart the path ahead for the Legal Hackers movement. Two of our New York marmots, Adam Locklin and Anjlee Khurana, will be attending and speaking at the event - come and say hi if you’re around!

Briefing Transformation

Where: London, UK
When: 20 Sept

Monax’s CEO is presenting at the market-leading Briefing Transformation conference - a one-day event focused on the needs of business service leaders who are driving change and transformation in top-tier global law firms.

Hyperledger Member Summit

Where: Montreal, Canada
When: 1-2 October

The Hyperledger Member Summit is the premier event of the year for the Hyperledger community. Marmots Silas Davis (CTO) and Rachel Davidson (Senior Marketing Associate) will be joining up with fellow Hyperledger teams to foster collaboration across both tech and business topics.

We’ve been part of the Hyperledger project since Feb 2017 with our Hyperledger Burrow, so this will be a great chance to build our community in this rapidly evolving project.

Where: London, UK
When: 17 October

Monax can’t wait to return to the Legal Geeks event this year - it’s the biggest party in legal tech and always a fun opportunity to interact with our community. We’re attending as one of the featured startups - our CCO, Nina Kilbride, will be presenting and CEO Casey Kuhlman will be milling around. Our friendly team are hosting a stand during the day so come and chat to us…and we will all be partying afterwards with the other Legal Geeks of course!

Decentralized Insurance Developer Conference 2018 (D1Conf)

Where: Prague, Czechoslovakia
When: 29 Oct

This will be our first taste of a European event and we can’t wait to be part of D1Conf - a full-day’s networking event exclusively for insurtech innovators who wish to redefine the global insurance industry.

Our CEO, Casey Kuhlman and CPO, Jan Hendrik Scheufen, will both be speaking at the event, outlining how the Monax platform can help decentralized insurance products and how our solidity-based BPMN engine can facilitate advanced insurance use-cases.

Building Blockland

Where: Cleveland, Ohio
When: 1-4 December

Cleveland is focused on becoming a significantly relevant technology centre, and part of this initiative is hosting the inaugural Blockland Solutions conference. The event is aimed at bringing together developers and business leaders, to connect on real-world solutions harnessing blockchain technology. Our CCO, Nina Kilbride, is confirmed to speak at this high-profile event

Hyperledger Global Forum

Where: Basel Switzerland
When: 12-15 December

Monax will join other developers, vendors, enterprise end-users, and enthusiasts of business blockchain technologies in Basel, Switzerland for the inaugural Hyperledger Global Forum. More details coming soon.

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