Meet the Marmots: Adam Locklin, Director of Partnerships

This is a series of posts where each of our hardworking marmots* have a chance to talk about themselves - what they get up to at Monax and in their wider habitats - so you can understand a bit more about the folks who are bringing the Monax vision to life.

Article Series

This is a series of posts where the marmots will be outlining how the Monax Platform and the Agreements Network can be used in harmony to create the legal products of the future.

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  4. Meet the Marmots: Adam Locklin, Director of Partnerships

Hey Adam, can you introduce yourself in a sentence?

I’m Adam, a passionate guy, with an internal optimism that keeps him going (and a sweet tooth that might kill him!)

How did you cross paths with Monax?

It all started in New York city, 201415 when I met a marmot of Monax (formerly Eris) at a BitDevs NYC Meetup. Over a beer that marmot described their views on private blockchain instances and ecosystem applications. Fast forward to 2018, I decided to leave corporate America and work at a startup, but I wanted to be inspired and fall in love. Here I am in the honeymoon phase still.

What’s your background?

I joined the United States Marine Corps out of high school, spent nine years mainly working as an intelligence analyst, also taught Marine Corps martial arts - judo chop! Continued my higher education between numerous deployments. Following the same role, I left the Marines to work at BAE Systems as an intel analyst. I read Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper and I quit the intelligence work and moved to NYC to “work in bitcoin”. NYSDFS bitlicense crushed my dreams! Ended up at JPMorgan Chase as a compliance officer. Moved to PwC and had an amazing opportunity to work with assurance, advisory and new ventures focusing on moving blockchain technology forward.

What does your work at Monax involve?

Like most startups, I wear a few hats. I spend my day working to grow the Agreements Network ecosystem by working on partnerships. I work with these partners and our early clients to develop commercially viable prototypes. Our entrepreneurial users are so awesome to work with.

If you had to choose one aspect of our culture that best defines you, which one would it be and why?

Marmots give a shit about each other and the humans we interact with. They also take their role and work with a sense of purpose and passion that is rarely seen. Last time I was apart of such a team was in the Marines. Yup, Marmot Marines might be a thing.

What challenges does your role bring and how do you meet them?

The Agreements Network and Monax can have dozens of different user groups. From BigLaw attorneys to solo practitioner lawyers to consumers of legal agreements, data providers, template producers, clients of each of these, and so on. Therefore I have to be able to not only describe the network and Monax application to each different type of user, but also articulate “why blockchain” and so forth to users with wide-ranging technical understanding.

Tell us a quirky fact about yourself…

Four years is the longest I’ve lived in one place and that is New York, New York the city so nice they named it twice.

Thank you so much Adam!

Thanks - also if you’re reading this and you’d like to chat more, just reach out via twitter

*The word ‘Monax’ comprises part of the binomial name for a groundhog (marmota monax) and our company mascot is a rock n’ roll marmot called Doug. Folks who work for Monax traditionally refer to themselves as marmots, and no prizes for guessing how we came up with the name Hyperledger Burrow!

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