Meet the Marmots: Greg Hill, Site Reliability Engineer

This is a series of posts where each of our hardworking marmots* have a chance to talk about themselves - what they get up to at Monax and in their wider habitats - so you can understand a bit more about the folks who are bringing the Monax vision to life.

Article Series

This is a series of posts where the marmots will be outlining how the Monax Platform and the Agreements Network can be used in harmony to create the legal products of the future.

  1. Meet the Marmots: Anjlee Khurana, Legal Engineer
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  3. Meet the Marmots: Greg Hill, Site Reliability Engineer
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Monax is bursting at the seams with talent from both tech, legal and business. Our team is split between offices in London, Edinburgh and New York - and a few remote marmots too!

We’re a diverse bunch of characters, and work hard to bring about the future of legal tech (and we have a lot of fun doing so!). Each post in this blog series will focus on an individual marmot, so you can understand a bit more about the team who are busy bringing the Monax vision to life. First up is one of our friendly Scottish marmots, Greg Hill from Team Distribution:

Hey Greg, can you introduce yourself in a sentence?

Hey, I’m Greg; I just graduated from my MSc at the University of Edinburgh so I’m the newest Marmot on the block :)

How did you cross paths with Monax?

I was exploring different opportunities related to blockchains / cryptography and I found out about the novel ideas that Monax were introducing.

What’s your background?

I’m a hacker at heart; I’ve been programming for as long as I can remember, from my wee chatbots back in high school to my recent publication on machine learning for cryptographic primitive classification.

What does your work at Monax involve?

As a Site Reliability Engineer I dabble in a bit of everything, though my primary responsibility is the maintenance and operation of our infrastructure. I also work quite heavily with golang to help improve our open-source technologies.

If you had to choose one aspect of our culture that best defines you, which one would it be and why?

As a Marmot, I adapt and overcome; I don’t just “throw my paws up and say it can’t be done.”

Everyone here in the company is wonderfully talented and we’re a social species so it’s easy to communicate when facing a problem.

What challenges does your role bring and how do you meet them?

Running a ‘blockchain’ is not like ordinary infrastructure because there are so many new variables to consider. The main concern is anticipating causality when updating the architecture but I also need to be on hand to react quickly to any bugs in the matrix ;)

Tell us a quirky fact about youself

I’m your stereotypical geek, complete with a hidden dinosaur tattoo!

Thank you so much Greg!

(Greg has also just had an academic paper published here which adds to my suspicion that he is both friendly and smart)

*The word ‘Monax’ comprises part of the binomial name for a groundhog (marmota monax) and our company mascot is a rock n’ roll marmot called Doug. Folks who work for Monax traditionally refer to themselves as marmots, and no prizes for guessing how we came up with the name Hyperledger Burrow!

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