Powering Marmota Prime: Legal Products and Computational Data Powering the Game

Learn about the tech powering our new blockchain-based game.

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  • Marmota Prime is a simple game backed by powerful technologies. In fact, the Monax Platform technology powering the game is the same we use to turn cumbersome legal processes into Active Agreements, software-based legal products that work for you, throughout the lifecycle of your legal relationships.

  • Marmota Prime is a neat example of combining a number of generic legal processes and turning them into an Active Agreement fit for your purposes. Specifically, the game requires two legal product templates designed with the Monax Legal Product Modeler (LPM).

  • The Terms of Service (ToS) each player accepts when signing up for the game is recorded as an Active Agreements signed by Monax and the player, and the individual games between users.

  • Each game played is represented as an Active Agreement. In exchange for gameplay, Monax promises to perform the calculations based on the defined game rules and fulfill obligations to the winners of the different rounds, or in other words, to operate fairly. The template process model supports the execution of the game by controlling the timing of game play, making it as much a part of the agreement as much as the data itself. Game players can monitor the game process, to see for themselves the game status and operations. Powering the workflows are authenticated temperature data provided by Wolfram computational intelligence.

  • In this same way, Monax users can automate legal operations as well as monitor ongoing contract performance. This simple breakthrough will change the way humans and entities interact with the world, and create tremendous opportunities for commercialization.

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