Press Release - Monax’s Chief Commercial Officer to Speak at The Digital Money Forum at CES 2019

Details about Monax attending the upcoming CES Digital Money Forum 2019.

Edinburgh - December 18, 2018 - Monax, a leader in digital legal infrastructure, today announced that Chief Commercial Officer Nina Kilbride will be speaking at The Digital Money Forum at CES 2019. Kilbride’s presentation, “Getting Smart about Smart Contracts,” will take place January 8, 2019 at 12:30pm PST.

“I am delighted to be speaking about a topic so important to me at The Digital Money Forum,” stated Kilbride. “I look forward to sharing my insights on the future > of smart contracts and how they will transform the legal industry and global networks. Creative business modeling enabled by Monax legal tech is the key to winning > the digital industrial revolution.”

During her presentation, Kilbride will discuss how Monax built a platform meant to help a variety of users, including the creators and operators of electronic devices at CES, succeed in the digital revolution by leveraging legal products, operations and knowledge.

The Digital Money Forum at CES 2019 is a one-day conference that focuses on the transformation of money to digital currencies. It is held during CES, which provides attendees with a look at some of the hottest new products in the consumer electronics and devices market, which have great synergy with fintech, crypto, blockchain and Initial Coin Offering communities. The forum will take place on January 8, 2019 at The Venetian Las Vegas.

Monax built a market-leading, free and open-source universal blockchain platform on which anyone can construct their own secure, low-cost, run-anywhere applications using blockchain and smart contract technology. In April 2018, the firm became a cofounder of the Agreements Network, a decentralized blockchain-powered contract management platform for small and medium enterprises. The Network allows users to develop, customize, sell and reproduce legal products and transforms static contract forms into living active agreements.

About Monax

Founded in 2014, Monax provides a contract lifecycle management tool, which allows consumers to easily procure lawyer-tested agreements and stay in full control of their business contracting. Harnessing a unique combination of active agreements, blockchain technology and a business process modelling engine, the platform is designed to move business legal obligations into the networked world. In April 2018, Monax became one of the founding companies behind the Agreements Network, which allows anyone to develop, customize, sell and reproduce legal products. Monax is headquartered in Edinburgh and has an office in New York. For more information, visit:

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