Introducing the Monax Platform Dashboard - Features Overview Vlog

Walkthrough of the new Monax Platform feature suite.

If you would like to discover more about the Monax Platform, have a look at this blog. The suite is currently in private beta, and will be launching early 2018 - Please feel free to contact us for more details: [email protected]

Vlog transcript:

Hi this is Chenxiao from Monax, today’s video blog will be about our dashboard features.

Once you log in you will land in this overview page:

MP Platform dashboard features

  • Tasks This is your obligational to-do list, here your legal obligations will be outlined for you to take care of. Keeping an eye on your obligations has never been easier!

  • Agreements At a sight, how many agreements you are involved in and which is their legal state.

  • Collaborators A list with the top five counterparties you have been signing your contracts with, keep an eye to whom you are doing your business with!

  • Frequently used templates A shortcut to the templates you have been using the most.

Ok, so now you may wonder “But what does these information mean to me?”

That’s why I built an example for you:

Let’s imagine that I am professional photographer called Lucy:
1. Tasks Will tell me when my signature is expected in a contract, and I will be notified when I need to take photographs for my clients. 2. Agreements I will be able to keep track on how many works I am about to sign up to deliver and how many works I’ve already committed to, helping me to organise my time more efficiently. 3. Collaborators I can check quickly who are the businesses or individuals that hires me the most. 4. Frequently used templates Here, my most frequently used template is the independent contractor agreement I send to most clients. Each time I get a request for services I can easily access this document and send the customer an agreement that has all terms filled out and is ready for signing.

I hope this vlog has been clarifying, I’d love to hear your feedback, so feel free to drop me a message in the little chat bot in the bottom right corner.

Thank you! Chenxiao

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