2019 - Year of the Marmot!

2018 was a whirlwind of growth at Monax - 2019 will be even bigger - #YearoftheMarmot

Last year was a whirlwind of startup growth for us

  • We pivoted, turning our focus from horizontal software company and moving up the stack to build a vertically integrated legal technology solution.

  • We tripled our team - adding crucial staff to our development, support and sales/marketing teams. Read about a few of these additions to the marmot fold: Adam, Anjlee, Chenxiao and Greg.

  • We began development of the Agreements Network together with the first group of collaborators

  • We announced the release of our Blackstone project which comprises a business process engine written entirely in Solidity smart contract language as well as a high-level RESTful API. This extensive release includes over 19,000 lines of solidity code and is the culmination of four years of work focused on advancing blockchain technology for businesses. Read more on this powerful BPM engine and how it can supercharge your business workflow here.

  • We introduced the Monax Platform releasing private beta phase. The platform is packed with next-level features such as the Legal Products Studio and we are excited to be nearing public beta this February. Take a look at the platform dashboard ‘DealSpace’ here.

  • Our CEO, Casey, was featured in the global media - highlights such as broadcast interveiws on Yahoo Finance, The Street - RealMoney Bloomberg Markets Radio and Nasdaq Trade Talks. A regualrly updated list of press links can be found here on our blog.

  • We created a smart contract-based prediction game, Marmota Prime, to showcase how Monax legal products have the ability to power pretty much any kind of legal relationship. Read more about it here.

  • We attended 10 industry conferences accross the globe, spreading the word about the exciting developments. Have a look at our YouTube channel for presentation videos and more.

We’ve packed in so much in one year - here’s an interactive timeline of the best bits:

The Year of the Marmot

Here at Monax towers we like to think of 2019 as Year of the Marmot.

Let me explain. The Chinese New Year on Feb 5th heralds the Year of the Pig… the hoary marmot (Marmota caligata) is a species of marmot that inhabits the mountains of North America. These animals are also know as “whistle pigs”. Hence the stars have aligned and it is officially Year of the Marmot (aka whistle pig) around here!

In February the Monax Platform enters public beta, and there’s lots more in the pipeline, the most significant being the launch of the Agreements Network later this year. Interested to hear how the platform can save you time and money, and give you complete oversight of your buisness contracting? Monax CCO Nina kilbride gives the lowdown in this video from her recent appearance at CES in Las Vegas. Our packages are laid out here and we open to Beta customers early February - be one of the first to try this innovative software.

Watch this space, the marmots are coming!

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