Legal Geek North America lights up Brooklyn

UK's Legal Geek event lights up Brooklyn

Legal Geek - “the biggest party in legal tech” - is a highlight event for our team in the UK. New York got to have a slice of the action this month when Jimmy Vestbirk brought his fantastic team over to shake up the city for the first time.

The event sold out WAY ahead of schedule, and brought 60+ speakers (including Monax CEO Casey) and 450 legal tech-hungry folks to Brooklyn on June 25. The Geek’s formula is simple but sets their events apart from the others. They encourage the attitude “come to learn and teach” and “friends first, business after” which puts everyone at ease and encourages the vibrant conversations other events can only dream of.

The format is also key, no long rambling talks on distant conceptual tech - instead we have 8-minute Ted-esque “keep it real” talks which keeps things punchy and anything but dull. As Above the Law points out “this isn’t a conference for futurists.”

The North American edition kicked off with Legal Mosaic’s Mark Cohen and a room-full of high-fives (the Geek-ometer counted at least 1000* across the event:

There were just too many amazing talks to detail here - the day left everyone with a renewed thirst for deep change in the legal industry. Here’s a snaphot of Monax CEO Casey delivering his talk - A Brief History of “Smart Contracts”

Besides banning ties (a cunningly simple move which adds to the low-key friendliness) Legal Geeks also do their bit for the environment by being swag-free, and putting these resources into a killer event app instead. Planet-friendly kudos all round:

No Legal Geek event would be complete without a decent afterparty - and our friendly team (Anjlee, Adam and Casey) were there in full force to liven things up, and put a smile on people’s faces:

Here’s some more photo highlights courtesy of Legal Geek!

Massive thanks to Jimmy and the rest of the team for inviting us along and putting on such a great event - see you in London in October for the UK edition!

Legal Geek is the largest UK community of lawtech start-ups with over 4,000 members - this was their first event in North America. See here for more info.

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