Enforcing Legal Smart Contracts

The size of the legal engineer’s undertaking is tremendous, but it is proportional to the commercial value of automated contract provisions, decisions, and actions.

Published on: 18 Aug, 2016 by Nina Kilbride

Fact Patterns, Predictions and Building Decentralized Organizations

The DAO debacle is a testament to the crucial need to get corporate governance right

Published on: 18 Jun, 2016 by Nina Kilbride

Blockchain, Timestamps and the Art of Legal Engineering

Blockchain smart contracts bring new tools to the ancient art of legal engineering.

Published on: 15 Jun, 2016 by Nina Kilbride

What are ecosystem applications?

Why they're applications which run on an ecosystem level, aka, the entire point of the exercise.

Published on: 5 Jun, 2016 by Casey Kuhlman