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Legal Product Actions and Insights: The SAFE ›

The Monax Platform is tooled to manage the complex processes, rights and obligations created by a SAFE, or any agreement.

14 February, 2019 | Nina Kilbride, CCO

Business law Today: Custody, Control, and Assurances: Improving Legal Operations with Blockchain ›

Article by Nina Kilbride, CCO, which originally appeared in Business Law Today, Dec 11 2018

20 December, 2018 | Rachel Davidson, Senior Marketing Associate

Using Monax for Simplification of Corporate Processes ›

Monax simplifies the organization, tracking, and record-keeping related to each task included in the model

6 December, 2018 | Anjlee Khurana, Senior Legal Engineer

The Beginning of the Journey - Company Templates: what they do and why using Monax makes them more powerful ›

Monax will give your Company Templates a power and flexibility they never had as paper forms.

28 November, 2018 | Anjlee Khurana, Senior Legal Engineer

Introducing the Monax Legal Product Studio ›

The Monax Legal Product Studio is a collaborative commercial environment that leverages the power of the Monax LPM to build market-ready leg...

22 November, 2018 | Nina Kilbride, CCO

Agreements Network Ecosystem: Legal Template Producers and Consumers ›

The Agreements Network includes natural checks and balances to support quality legal products and harnesses existing legal processes to crea...

15 November, 2018 | Nina Kilbride, CCO

Integrating Supply Chain Agreements with Legal Products. ›

how Active Agreements bring the integrated supply chain to life.

9 October, 2018 | Nina Kilbride, CCO

Finding a happy path for lawyers in the networked economy ›

Developers like to talk about the "happy path," that is, the way things are supposed to work in the usual course of business using technolog...

28 September, 2018 | Anjlee Khurana, Senior Legal Engineering and Implementation Associate

The Monax Stack: What Makes Legal Products Go. ›

An overview of the free and open-source components of the Monax Stack.

20 September, 2018 | Nina Kilbride, CCO

Solving problems with Active Agreements: supply chain fraud. ›

Using Monax and legal engineering to match fulfillment contracts in the supply chain.

11 September, 2018 | Nina Kilbride, CCO

Thinking Like a Legal Engineer ›

This is the second installment in a series outlining how the Monax Platform and the Agreements Network can be used in harmony to create the ...

29 August, 2018 | Nina Kilbride, CCO

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