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Blockchain Use in Real Estate ›

Casey discusses positive impacts he predicts blockchain will have in real estate investment, development and in the market

18 July, 2019 | Rachel Davidson, Senior Marketing Associate

Terms of Service - Monax in action ›

Monax Demonstrates Upgradability with its own Terms of Service

29 March, 2019 | Anjlee Khurana, Senior Legal Engineer

Modularity: Structural Tool of Scalability ›

Discussing the concept of modularity and how the Monax Platform utilises this organisational tool.

1 February, 2019 | Anjlee Khurana, Senior Legal Engineer

Monax at CES 2019 - The Year of Legal Tech ›

Monax is the enabling technology for the most innovative businesses at CES.

17 January, 2019 | Nina Kilbride, CCO

Powering Marmota Prime: Legal Products and Computational Data Powering the Game ›

Learn about the tech powering our new blockchain-based game.

13 December, 2018 | Nina Kilbride, CCO

Quick Guide On Transactional Execution Risk: The Biggest Problem No Company Wants to Admit They Have ›

This article seeks to illuminate transactional execution risk and how new generations of technology will allow C-Suites to better control it...

28 November, 2018 | Casey Kuhlman, CEO

Startups: Future-proof Your Contracting ›

In this post we outline how leveraging new means of contracting will help to future proof your business

18 September, 2018 | Rachel Davidson, Senior Marketing Associate

Why does the Agreements Network need to be a blockchain? ›

This is part of a blog series taking a look at the Monax Platform from a non-tech perspective.

3 September, 2018 | Rachel Davidson, Senior Marketing Associate

Supply and Demand: The Mechanics of Legal Products ›

When people think about "legal" they think almost entirely of the provision of bespoke services. Yet the world is changing, and "legal" need...

19 June, 2018 | Casey Kuhlman, CEO

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