Build and run your company without the legal hassle

Empowering every step of the process

The Monax platform supports entrepreneurs following their dreams while taking care of business.

Form a Company

Company Active Agreements manage internal legal matters from organization, shareholders, boards and beyond. Use Active Agreements to automate, execute and simplify basic company functions.

  • Incorporations

  • Shareholder Agreements

  • Resolutions

Streamline Operations

Active Agreements for daily operations enable companies and individuals to execute and fulfill their commercial obligations more easily, so you can focus on building value for your brand.

  • Sales

  • Employment Agreements

  • Insurance Agreements

Simplify Funding

At some point, most growing companies need liquidity. Active Agreements make due diligence fast and easy, while the Monax Platform makes it easier to find the right funding partners for your company.

  • Loans

  • Investment Agreements

  • Due Diligence Processes

Take the Leap

Entrepreneurs and creatives dreaming of big returns need access to flexible tools that will grow with them. The Monax platform contains a complete toolkit to take your company’s growth to the next level, at the cutting edge of technology.

  • Analytics

  • Data Monetization

  • Productization

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