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Managing Agreement Events on Monax

Monax is an extremely event driven system. Most everything users do or are able to do raises events within the Platform. These events are extremely useful in that they can be leveraged by users to command and control their other business systems. Using the events system, users can direct messages to key members of their team or counterparty representatives.

Event Subscribers

Any single user may select a set of events they wish to be notified of as well as how they would like to be notified. These subscriptions help those that are on the receiving end of an event to be notified when and how they so choose.

Sender Policies

In addition to event subscriptions which apply to individual users and allow them to “route” messages to the messaging system of their choice, Monax also allow organization administrators to set up what are called “sender policies”. These policies are broken down into: distribution lists and integrations, and the management of these policies is only available to organization administrators.

Administrators may setup policies to send any event to a predefined set of users over email or other messaging system, these emails may be completely customized or they will use the Monax default email templates and branding. Administrators may customize recipients, email template, branding, recipients, and message subject on each distribution list.

Administrators may also setup policies to send any event to an API or service via a webhook framework. Such integrations allow administrators complete control over how they interconnect their digital agreements on Monax with other business systems. Integrations may be completely customized including: destination URL, authentication, and integration JSON template to POST to the destination.

Policies are additive and as many as are needed may be used by administrators; meaning administrators could set up 50 policies on one event and 0 on the remaining event. Each policy also allows administrators even more control over messages or integrations that leave the Monax Platform to destinations via a filtering system. The filtering system allows administrators to set up, as an example, emails that only go out on a particular event when the name of the agreement includes “NDA”, or emails that are very particular and only go out when something happens on a particular agreement with a specific ID.

Distribution Lists

Distribution Lists are built to enable administrators to predefine a set of recipients that should receive messages upon the happening of specific events such as a new agreement becoming created or an obligation completed. Distribution lists use the following fields that are filled out by users.

Each distribution list allows users complete control over they messages they send including the subject line of the email and the body of the email that goes out. This means that users may add their own branding, styles, and voice to messages that go out on the organization’s behalf.

Templates uploaded to the Monax Platform must be a JSON file with the following structure:

	"meta": {
			"subject": "MY SUBJECT",
			"name": "Template Name",
	"body": "<body><p>YOUR TEMPLATE</p></body>"

Both the subject and the body are able to leverage Handlebars template system and will have all the information available to the EventPayload object

There are some additional niceties to be considered.

  • If you would like to modify any of the emails which invite new users onto the platform then you can also allow them to register in any of the specific languages that Monax supports. To do this, onto the performanceURL you will add &locale=es-ES (or whatever i18n language code you desire and Monax supports).

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