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Why is the my date in my document off by one?
The system tracks a date to change at midnight in the time zone that has been set by the owner of the agreement. If no time zone is set, then it defaults to UTC. If your current location is doesn't map 1-1 with UTC then there's a good chance you'll see a discrepency. To rectify this your Admin can set the Time Zone for organization by going to the Time and Date section under Settings > Organization, and updating the Time Zone to reflect where your organization operates. Additionally, you can set this on the Agreement or Template by: Going to a specific Agreement/Template > Summary Tab > Settings Tab > Clicking the edit button > Selecting the Time Zone > and Clicking Save.
How do I update the date format in my agreements to remove time?
By default, Monax delivers the most expressive and complete format to reflect the detailed nature of our system. However, we know this is not how most folks expect to see dates in agreements. To overwrite this, you can update your date settings in two places. First in your Settings > Organization page you can navigate to the Time/Date Section and update your Date Format. Second, your can go to a specific Agreement/Template > click the Summary Tab > visit the Settings Tab > Clicking the edit button > Provide a value for Date Format > and Clicking Save. The Date Format field is expecting an input to be formated in Date-FNS formatting. To learn more about Date-FNS formatting please follow the link below. Additionally, please review a few common examples below that will help you get start.


    Copy and paste everything before the arrow to get the result following it.

    MMMM d, y → January 1, 2021

    d MMMM, y → 1 January, 2021

    MM/d/y → 01/1/2021

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