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Monax Help Center

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Creating an account

Right now, Monax is in the Beta release stage of our platform. Because of that we only have a handful of slots available for users so that we can ensure your experience will always go above and beyond. If you’re interested in joining our Beta Membership program we’d love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us here:

Once approved, we’ll onboard your entire team and start transforming your contracts.

Creating an organization

By default the moment you’re invited to the platform an organization will be created for you. Within your organization you can add Teams and Members with ease. If you navigate to Settings > Organization you should see the interface to update your organization name, invite users and create teams. To learn more about Teams and Managing Users navigate to our “Organization Management” section.

If you’re a solo operator, no worries! The only valuable options on the organization page is your Organization title where you can have it match your personal organization or you full legal name.

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