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User Management

Inviting and Uninviting Users from your Organization

Managing your users on Monax can all be done from the Manage Members section from the Settings > Organization page. Below we’ve provided a quick overview on how to add or remove users from your organization.

Inviting Members

Inviting anyone to join your Monax organization can be achieved in a few steps.

  1. From the Settings > Organization page scroll to the Invite Members section.
  2. Populate the form there with the Email you’d like to invite. Additionally you can provide a role and team for that user so they will be able to join that team and adhere to their role as soon as they log in. If you’d like to learn more about user Roles please read more here.
  3. Once populated to your liking hit the blue invite button below.
  4. Once submitted the new user should be added to their members list and a purple pending tag should be added to their record. Additionally you should see a button to Resend the invite as well as a trash can icon to rescind the invite and delete that user.
  5. Once that user accepts the invite their information should update with whatever information you assigned to them in the form initially.

Deleting a User from your organization

We can quickly remove users from our organization in one easy step.

  1. Find the user you’d like to remove and click the gray trash icon at the end of their name.

Updating and Assigning user roles

User roles dictate what a user can and cannot do on the platform. As an admin you can assign 4 roles to users. Three being standard user roles: Admin, Standard and Restricted. The fourth is Signing Authority which any user can be assigned. This allows them to sign any agreements on behalf of your account. This role should be reserved for anyone within your company who has legal signing authority. Below is a quick overview of each user type and a step by step guide to updating them.

User Types

  1. Admin - Can create agreements and templates on behalf of all teams, create teams, invite users, manage user roles, assign signing authority and manage permissions.
  2. Standard - Can create and approve agreements and templates on behalf of their team within the platform.
  3. Restricted - Can read agreements and templates assigned to their team, can create agreements from templates assigned to their team.
  4. Signing Authority - Any type of user can be assigned signing authority on Monax. With this designation that user will be granted the capability to complete any signing tasks on behalf of the organization. This traditionally is reserved for senior members within the organization who have legal authorization to sign documents.

Updating User Roles

  1. Navigate to the Manage members section on Organization > Settings.
  2. Identify the user who’s role you’d like to update and navigate to the “Role” section in the middle of their card.
  3. From that drop down you can instantly select roles and those changes will be saved in real time. To confirm this the colorful label next to the user’s name should update as well. Restricted users are Red, Standard are Blue and Admins are Green.

Updating Signing Authority

  1. Navigate to the Manage members section on Organization > Settings.
  2. Identify the user you’d like to update and navigate to the “Signer” toggle at the end of their card.
  3. By toggling that button you can assign and remove Signing Authority in real time. To confirm a user received signing authority you can look to the right of their name and see if a yellow label reading Signing Authority has been added. To confirm that it’s been removed make sure the button is turned off and that label is not there.

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