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Syncing Zapier and Monax

If you create any zaps that send data to Zapier, such as our previous article, you’ll need to do one more task on our settings page to ensure a reliable connection between Monax and Zapier. To do this, follow the following steps below.

Syncing Zapier with Monax

  1. Go to your Settings Page: Navigate to your Settings Page and open your Integrations tab.
  2. Log in to Zapier: From there you should see a section for Zapier and Webhooks. Since you’ve already created a Zap you should see one rendering there with some the title “Zapier: followed by a unique ID”. Then click the, blue “Log in to Zapier”, this will take you to authenticate Monax and Zapier.
  3. Authenticate with Zapier: After clicking that button you’ll be quickly taken to authenticate with Zapier. In doing so we’re creating an increased connection between the two applications.
  4. Sync Names: Once you’re done authenticating a link should appear beneath your title allowing you to open your Zap in Zapier. However, you will still see that wonky name Zapier generates. In order to pull in your custom title click the “Sync Zap Names with Zapier” button above your Zaps. This will now provide all your zaps with the titles you’ve provided them.

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