When you need to be certain, mint with Monax

Monax lets you bond legal agreements to non-fungible tokens, creating a legal bridge between assets on and off chain.

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Unlock your NFTs full potential

Non-fungible tokens are bringing collectible content into the digital age, along with a new era of on-chain digital assets. Monax lets you easily bond legal agreements to NFTs at the time of minting, creating a legal bridge between assets on and off chain to unlock the future of business.


Future Outlook

In the future, all types of digital content will move on-chain. The most successful NFT marketplaces will attract high value creators with best-in-class tools to help their businesses thrive.

Mint with Confidence

Your digital agreement is immutably bonded to the NFT. Easy to implement, deterministic and built for web3.

Agreement Templates

Build reusable templates with standardized terms.

Creator Tools

Templates are exposed to public blockchains to bond agreements when activated.

Intuitive Interface

Clear agreement terms, token data, transaction history, notifications and reminders, all at your fingertips.

Legal URL

Token legal data is hashed on-chain and preserved for public viewing.

Easy Integration

With little effort, your marketplace will earn the trust of premium creators and discerning buyers with best-in-class legal tools.

Agreement Templates

Build reusable templates with standardized terms.

Full Service CLM

Monax offers a full service contract lifecycle management platform with integrated electronic signature for especially sensitive agreements.

Smart, Simple, and Secure

Modern APIs

The Monax platform is powered by our proprietary backend. Our REST 2.0 API integrates seamlessly with existing systems at any scale.

Blockchain Native

At the heart of Monax is an immutable audit trail built by the team that created the world's first permissioned blockchain.

Data Driven

Use our no-code dashboards or plug us in to your BI analytics platform of choice. Monax turns your deal points into structured data ready for AI solutions.

Zapier Integration

Discover Monax through Zapier and connect your contracts to 2,000+ apps. Build custom workflows and complex process models without a single line of code.

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