Softjourn Teams Up With Monax For More Blockchain Solutions

Softjourn, a software development services company, announces its strategic partnership with Monax Industries, the company behind the open-source Universal Blockchain Platform known as Eris.

In late 2016, Softjourn began to test blockchain and smart contracts by creating an employee loyalty system based on Monax blockchain technology.

“We had looked at a number of blockchain solutions and our research led us to Monax Industries for a permissioned chain with rich smart contracts based on Ethereum blockchain technology,” says Yuriy Kropelnytskiy, Project Manager at Softjourn. “Monax offers the additional benefit of excellent documentation and is easy to set up and run.”

After a successful launch of the loyalty system, Softjourn expanded the ecosystem to include corporate social responsibility projects, and began to collaborate more closely with Monax to promote blockchain development and explore more use cases based on distributed ledger technology.

“Softjourn has proved that they understand blockchain ecosystem development and how to combine it with IoT,” says Paul J. du Plessis, head of Partnerships at Monax. “We are excited to be partnering with them and look forward to future projects that can further establish the blockchain environment.”

As a technology service provider for Fortune 500 companies, Softjourn gets many requests to work with new technologies. Blockchain has intrigued the business community and generated considerable buzz.

“We expect to see more and more blockchain requests coming in,” says Softjourn CEO Emmy Gengler. We’re quite excited to be part of the blockchain community and contribute to the development of the blockchain ecosystem.”

According to the World Economic Forum, 10% of global GDP will be stored on blockchain technology by 2027. The benefits of blockchain technology include increased financial inclusion for emerging markets, disintermediation of financial services, a surge in tradable assets, improved property records in developing markets, and increased transparency, since blockchain essentially is a global ledger storing all transactions.

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