Monax 0.16.0 is Released

Apr, 2017 Zach Ramsay
From consolidation to logging and everything in between.

Eris 0.12.0 is Released

Nov, 2016 Casey Kuhlman
I am incredibly happy to announce that the next version of eris is released as of today.

From Chaos to Order -- Rebranding Eris to Monax

Sep, 2016 Casey Kuhlman
We are excited to turn the company's marmot factor up to 11.

Enforcing Legal Smart Contracts

Aug, 2016 Nina Kilbride
The size of the legal engineer’s undertaking is tremendous, but it is proportional to the commercial value of automated contract provisions, decisions, and actions.

Monax Industries supports the EEA Option

Jun, 2016 Preston Byrne
The only option to de-risk Brexit and support British business.

Fact Patterns, Predictions and Building Decentralized Organizations

Jun, 2016 Nina Kilbride
The DAO debacle is a testament to the crucial need to get corporate governance right

Blockchain, Timestamps and the Art of Legal Engineering

Jun, 2016 Nina Kilbride
Blockchain smart contracts bring new tools to the ancient art of legal engineering.

What are ecosystem applications?

Jun, 2016 Casey Kuhlman
Why they're applications which run on an ecosystem level, aka, the entire point of the exercise.

International Marmot Video Party

May, 2016 Preston Byrne
Eris-cli walkthrough.

Legal Entity Global Ledger - How to liberate public data (with chains)

Apr, 2016 Jan Hendrik Scheufen
A call to free public data like the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

What is Eris? 2016 Edition

Apr, 2016 Casey Kuhlman
This one goes out to all the believers.

Monax Commercial Paper Bundles: Toolkit for Financial Engineering

Mar, 2016 Nina Kilbride
An introduction to smart contract commercial paper for the digital non-native.

40 banks and R3 run Eris

Mar, 2016 Preston Byrne
Firmly establishing the marmots as industry leaders in blockchain tooling.

On Eris and Tendermint: Application and Consensus

Mar, 2016 Zach Ramsay
Sensible Blockchain Stacks

On Applications and Consensus

Feb, 2016 Ethan Buchman
Application and Consensus Modules

Eris by Monax Industries is on Amazon Web Services Marketplace

Feb, 2016 Preston Byrne
The Marmots Are Everywhere.

Eris by Monax Industries is on Microsoft Azure

Jan, 2016 Preston Byrne
We'll keep this short also.

Eris Industries calls on UK business to oppose the Investigatory Powers Bill

Nov, 2015 Preston Byrne
Eris Industries' position is that this proposed bill would impinge vital, and legitimate business interests of our company. The reported-on compromise on encryption is nothing of the sort and, if enacted, will continue to pose a grave danger to the people of the United Kingdom from all walks of life, and an unacceptable risk to doing business.

Eris CLI Chains Walkabout: New

Sep, 2015 Casey Kuhlman
Getting a fresh and shiny new blockchain, Monax style.

Eris CLI Services Walkabout: BTCD

Sep, 2015 Casey Kuhlman
BTCD as a (Monax) Service

Solidity Part V: Modular design and strategies.

Aug, 2015 Andreas Olofsson
Andreas presents a strategy approach to modular smart-contracts.

Solidity Part IV: Solid Solidity.

Aug, 2015 Andreas Olofsson
Andreas talks about testing Solidity.

Eris CLI Services Walkabout: IPFS

Aug, 2015 Zach Ramsay
IPFS as a (Monax) Service

Monax CLI Tool Walkabout: Services

Aug, 2015 Zach Ramsay
Walkabout for Monax Services

Operation: Cuddly Critter, Part 1

Jun, 2015 Preston Byrne
Preston is going to be nice to Bitcoin for an entire month.

Eris Industries Statement on the Reintroduction of the UK Investigatory Powers Bill

May, 2015 Preston Byrne
Eris Industries' Position is that this proposed bill would impinge vital, and legitimate business interests of our company. As such we will be relocating staff out of the United Kingdom until further clarity is achieved.

Smart securitisation, or: why it's time to stop talking tokens and start talking smart contracts

Apr, 2015 Preston Byrne
Crypto-tokens are so, like, totally last week. You don't need 'em - and indeed don't want 'em - in commercial applications.

Solidity Part III: Interfaces, Events, Types and Error Handling

Apr, 2015 Andreas Olofsson
Andreas talks about more useful features of the Solidity smart contract programming language.

Eris Industries 2015 Summer Internships

Apr, 2015 Preston Byrne
Why go to the beach? Let's build distributed systems instead!

Marmot Hangout: Learn EPM, the Eris Package Manager

Apr, 2015 Preston Byrne
A walkthrough of EPM, followed by some high-level discussion on use-cases.

How 2gather works

Apr, 2015 Andreas Olofsson
A brief overview of how 2gather works.

Eris Industries does the CHYP fintech podcast

Mar, 2015 Preston Byrne
Per Dave Birch: This is a fantastic vision of the future.

Preston presents Eris at Tomorrow's Transactions 2015 & panel with Vitalik Buterin

Mar, 2015 Preston Byrne
Eris Industries' views on how to best use blockchain databases.

Blockchain 2.0: what it looks like in action

Mar, 2015 Preston Byrne
No sense arguing on Twitter when it's all on GitHub.

Permissions Part I: Oh no he didn't!

Mar, 2015 Andreas Olofsson
Andreas tackles permissions in smart contract systems. Unlike the title suggests, this post is not going to teach how to sit around waiting for someone to breach your smart contract systems, instead the post teaches you how to try and prevent systemic breaches in the first place.

Preston talks marmots, smart contracts and the IoT on World Crypto Net podcast

Mar, 2015 Preston Byrne
Typical Saturday night fun at Eris Industries.

Bitcoin vs Blockchain: a few thoughts

Mar, 2015 Preston Byrne
Just pulling them together for the peanut gallery.

Solidity Part II: An Action-Driven Architecture

Mar, 2015 Andreas Olofsson
Andreas continues his exploration of how to start writing blockchain-based smart contract systems.

Solidity Part I: An Introduction to Smart Systems of Smart Contracts

Mar, 2015 Andreas Olofsson
Andreas explains how to start writing blockchain-based smart contract systems.

On Teamwork

Dec, 2014 Casey Kuhlman
As 2014 becomes 2015, Eris Industries remains committed to working with many actors within cryptoeconomic community and within the broader community for change. We want to be a positive member of many different communities which means listening, engaging, and working together with folks from many different backgrounds to find solutions to challenges which affect us all.

From Blockchains to Eris: a step-by-step guide

Dec, 2014 Preston Byrne
You said you wanted us to shoot a little straighter to help everyone grok Eris. We listened. Now with visuals!

Expanding the Range of the Possible for DApp Makers

Dec, 2014 Casey Kuhlman
Last week Eris Industries launched and open sourced a range of products which we think are interesting. We like that they allow us to not only build DApps more efficiently and effectively but that they also allow us to perform three distinct types of actions on a distributed stack which were not possible before.

Decerver and Thelonious from a DApp-maker Perspective

Dec, 2014 Andreas Olofsson
If someone is asking themself this question: I want to make distributed apps, why should I choose Eris' tools?, I will give my answer.

Bounty: #2014MarmotAward for XCP Decerver Module

Dec, 2014 Preston Byrne
Marmots. Glory. Counterparty. Forever.

Blockchain = low cost infrastructure. But for whom?

Dec, 2014 Preston Byrne
...for everyone, of course.

Blockchain your business in just 7 steps

Dec, 2014 Preston Byrne
Businesses want to benefit from blockchain technology now, not wait for regulatory change to legalize existing 'Blockchain 1.0' networks. Thanks to Eris, the wait is over.

Eris Industries -- What Are We Building?

Dec, 2014 Casey Kuhlman
I’m incredibly pleased to announce that Eris Industries will release its first products to the world. After months of challenging work, I am incredibly proud of what our team has accomplished. This post contains a brief overview of the two main products which we are releasing today.

Eris Industries -- Why Do I Do What I Do?

Dec, 2014 Casey Kuhlman
Saying one wants to change the world *is* cliche, and it is also passe. Real change doesn't happen by talking. It happens by planning and by doing. And yet, with planning, doing, and luck, it is possible to improve the existence of those around us. This post is about a few of the things that smart contracts can improve.

Meet Eris. The distributed computing solution for industry.

Dec, 2014 Preston Byrne
Smart Contracts have arrived. Here's how Eris v 0.9 works, and how the rules of the blockchain game have changed.

Smart contracts: a brief introduction for the financial services industry

Dec, 2014 Preston Byrne
Business thinking, FinTech, legal tech, blockchain tech - let's see what happens when we mix it all up.