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Blockchain Use in Real Estate ›

Casey discusses positive impacts he predicts blockchain will have in real estate investment, development and in the market

18 July, 2019 | Rachel Davidson, Senior Marketing Associate

Legal Geek North America lights up Brooklyn ›

UK's Legal Geek event lights up Brooklyn

27 June, 2019 | Rachel Davidson, Senior Marketing Associate

What Law Students Can Teach Us ›

Relfections from teaching law students about the Monax Platform

24 April, 2019 | Anjlee Khurana, Senior Legal Engineer

How to drive business with actionable clarity ›

Want to increase operational efficiency? Read on...

11 March, 2019 | Tobias Barnes Hofmeister, Strategic Designer

Meet the Marmots - Tobias ›

This is a series of posts where each of our hardworking marmots* has a chance to talk about themselves - what they get up to at Monax and in...

25 February, 2019 | Rachel Davidson, Senior Marketing Associate

Evolving Infrastructure - the Monax stack ›

We’ve undergone a lot of infrastructure changes over the last few years at Monax - here's an overview.

19 February, 2019 | Greg Hill, Site Reliability Engineer

Press Release - Monax Announces Public Beta Launch of the Monax Platform ›

Monax is thrilled to announce the public beta launch of the Monax Platform

13 February, 2019 | Rachel Davidson, Senior Marketing Associate

From DOUG to Burrow to Marmota Prime...Monax loves marmots ›

Monax = Marmot...we often get asked by folks to 'explain the marmot' so we wrote a blog about it.

3 February, 2019 | Rachel Davidson, Senior Marmotting Associate

Introducing the Monax Platform Dashboard - Features Overview Vlog ›

Walkthrough of the new Monax Platform feature suite.

21 January, 2019 | Chenxiao Hu Wu - Producer Experience Associate

Monax at CES 2019 - The Year of Legal Tech ›

Monax is the enabling technology for the most innovative businesses at CES.

17 January, 2019 | Nina Kilbride, CCO

The Maturation of Crypto in 2019 - Casey Kuhlman CEO ›

Article by Casey Kuhlman which originally appeared in Forbes 01/15/19

16 January, 2019 | Rachel Davidson, Senior Marketing Associate

The Monax Team at Hyperledger Global Forum, Basel, Switzerland 2018 ›

Some of our marmot engineers attended the first Hyperledger Global's the lowdown

20 December, 2018 | Rachel Davidson, Senior Marketing Associate

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