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The platform for the future of making and managing agreements

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Gain 100% oversight over your contractual agreements, track progress and obligations and keep everything important in one place. We help you staying focussed on what your doing best: growing your business.


Browse templates

Lawyer tested legal templates at your fingertips. Legal knowledge at affordable prices in the same way you by anything else online.

Purchasing legal products has never been easier.


Create agreement

Select, fill out and hit create. You’ve created both a legally binding agreement and an auto-enforcable smart contract with just a couple of clicks.

As simple as filling a form.


Track every obligation

Track every contract and obligation in one place. Every event is recorded immutably in a blockchain.

No more admin hassle.



Visualise, monitor and control the execution of the contract throughout its entire life cycle.

Get the transparency you need to focus on what your business is doing best.

Simplify your contracting

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