Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Slack Community - The Marmot Den, allowing anyone to easily sign-up and access various discussion/support channels. This decision comes after the realization that the Slack experience we were offering to our users was lackluster. The migration is about providing a harmonized user experience.

While we provide both an irc channel (freenode: #erisindustries) and a support e-mail, often the easiest way for users to get - and us to provide - support, was in one of several semi-public Slack channels. Once in our Slack, most users were confined to #community-vip. Some power-users eventually made their way into tool/topic specific channels, though as one user pointed out “there’s a lot of bot activity in here that’s useful to devs but not necessarily users, where can I go for updates?”.

In three words: too much friction. These channels were noisy and hard to get to. And the whole process was manual; individual invitations were required.

The Marmot Den is open to anyone and trims all irrelevant notifications for the various tools that make up our platform.

We welcome you in to: ask a question, report a bug, request a feature, talk tooling, brainstorm your smart contract backed distributed application, or any other blockchain topic that one may fancy.

Looking forward to seeing you in The Den!