As of today, we are very excited to announce that the company formerly called Eris Industries is now Monax Industries.

The idea that led to us founding a company called Eris began with a simple question. Using two (at the time) nascent pieces of what we now call ecosystem application technology could we build an application that would be capable of distributing content according to rules that were held in a smart contract?

Tyler and I worked late into one night exploring the ideas and suddenly, BOOM, my bittorrent client automagically downloaded a snippet of content. This snippet of content was probably the first instance of a smart contract blockchain being used to facilitate the distribution of content, a paradigm which is increasingly widespread almost to the point of being boring today. At the time, though, this was utter magic to both Tyler and me.

Not only magic, but also a dramatic paradigm shift. Using similar paradigms it became increasingly clear that all kinds of existing interactive applications - including web applications - could be “unlocked” and run not as siloed applications administered by a single third-party SaaS provider, but rather on an ecosystem basis by the users of the applications themselves.

As I crawled into bed at my usual (extremely late) hour, my wife asked me why had I been up so late and what I had been building. In my dreary state I could only come up with one word: chaos. And it fit. The next day I asked Tyler who the goddess of chaos was and eris was born.

What we had accomplished over two years ago, though extremely rudimentary, proved sufficiently to me that we (collectively as an ecosystem application technology sector) were about to unlock a very powerful beast. Namely, no less than a new generation of process automation software was suddenly within the realm of the possible. All kinds of legal tech, process automation, and other industrial uses were no longer locked within academic theories but were actually now possible to build.

But how would these come to be? How would this sector develop? What lay before us in 2014 was a daunting set of unknowns. At the time, the zeitgeist was ‘bitcoin, bitcoin, bitcoin’. No one thought that industrial uses of ecosystem application technology was a market that would develop. Well almost no one (outside of us). No one thought that there would be demand for legally compliant smart contract systems. Bitcoin was punk. It was sticking it to the proverbial man. Or in bitcoin’s case, the proverbial bank.

During these first few months I oscillated between excitement about the possibilities such a technical base opened and apprehension about the sheer amount of work that would be required to get there. Needless to say, for a while we at Eris Industries fully lived up to our chaotic namesake.

But then things began to change. Slowly, but surely change they did. The industry developed and matured. The use cases clarified. The momentum built. Business strategies were refined; products and sales pipeliness were developed. Out of chaos came the beginnings of order.

Also there were the marmots. Lots and lots of marmots. We’ve long had an affinity for these fuzzy creatures. Marmots are natural ecosystem engineers, a keystone species that provides critical balance to the environment as a whole. Diligent burrowing transforms their mountain landscape into habitat that provides a framework for them and other species to thrive. Marmots bring order out of chaos, relishing planning, execution and tidiness. They are the engineers of their ecosystems. As we move away from our chaotic beginnings into a long-lasting framework, we embrace the tao of the marmot.

With that in mind, as of today, we are turning the marmot factor up to 11. It is with great pleasure that we announce our re-brand today to a name having a distinctly marmoty origin. As we continue to develop and mature both our technology platform (which will continue to be called eris until it moves to 1.0 in early 2017), our products, and our sales pipeline, we’re happy to have you along for the ride as we continue our corporate journey.

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