Do you know what you have agreed to?

Monax turns your contracts into a database of digital agreements to track your commitments in real time.

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Unlock insights

Powerful dashboards put all of your commitments at your fingertips, allowing you to leverage your agreements like never before.

Track commitments

Manage milestones and deliverables in one place by tracking renewals and setting reminders.

E-Sign with Confidence

Monax is the only contract management platform to notarize electronic signatures on the blockchain.

Due Diligence Ready

Never struggle through due diligence again. With Monax, even small teams remain poised for enterprise level M&A.

Easy Integration

Never again chase counterparties to enforce your contracts. Monax tracks the complete lifecycle of each agreement, including follow-through post-signing.

Smart, Simple, and Secure

Modern APIs

The Monax platform is powered by our proprietary backend. Our REST 2.0 API integrates seamlessly with existing systems at any scale.

Blockchain Native

At the heart of Monax is an immutable audit trail built by the team that created the world's first permissioned blockchain.

Data Driven

Use our no-code dashboards or plug us in to your BI analytics platform of choice. Monax turns your deal points into structured data ready for AI solutions.

Zapier Integration

Discover Monax through Zapier and connect your contracts to 2,000+ apps. Build custom workflows and complex process models without a single line of code.
Martin Machin

“Zircon Tech could go live fast with labor and service contracts, from “quick agreements” functionality to more complex business flows including service delivery, approvals, payments and recurring cycles.”

Martin Machin
Martin Machin
Zircon Tech
Dezireh Eyn

“Their flexibility and ability to provide a one stop platform for a wide range of contracts, including terms and expirations is allowing us to track things that we never imagined we could.”

Dezireh Eyn
Dezireh Eyn
Co-Founder & COO at Platinum

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