Supply and Demand: The Mechanics of Legal Products

Jun, 2018 Casey Kuhlman
When people think about "legal" they think almost entirely of the provision of bespoke services. Yet the world is changing, and "legal" needs to keep up.

Skin in Game: Governance on the Agreements Network

Jun, 2018 Nina Kilbride
How does the Agreement Network ensure its health? Introducing a carefully designed forward-compatible environment of an open network, trusted validator nodes, voting, skin-in-game staking and token rewards.

The Agreements Network: how does it work?

Apr, 2018 Casey Kuhlman
Casey speaks with some more depth about how the two major types of users the Agreements Network envisions will use the blockchain-based platform to make their lives better.

Monax is Pleased to Introduce the Agreements Network

Apr, 2018 Casey Kuhlman
This network is a decentralized contract management system for small businesses

Monax is pivoting. Here's why!

Apr, 2018 Casey Kuhlman
After three years of building as a horizontal software company, Monax is pleased to announce that it is moving up the stack to build a vertically integrated legal technology solution. In this post Casey discusses the background behind that decision.

Announcement: TrustedChain® Launches using Hyperledger Burrow

Jun, 2017 Casey Kuhlman
Monax is pleased to announce the launch of the TrustedChain® network in Italy.

Monax 0.17.0 is Released

May, 2017 Zach Ramsay
Trimming the fat

Engineering Blockchain Consortia

Apr, 2017 Nina Kilbride
Engineering blockchain consortia

Monax 0.16.0 is Released

Apr, 2017 Zach Ramsay
From consolidation to logging and everything in between.

Monax goes into production with Bobak, the global vote-trading platform

Apr, 2017 Preston Byrne
Monax announces it has created a global, trustless, decentralized world computer utilizing the all-new Marmotcoin blockchain token.

Why we're joining the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Mar, 2017 Casey Kuhlman
Monax announces it has joined the new standards formation body known as the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to help move smart contract machines forward.

Why we're joining Hyperledger

Feb, 2017 Casey Kuhlman
Monax announces it has joined Hyperledger and will be submitting its market-leading blockchain client, eris:db, for incubation.

Use Case Deep Dive: Insurance Linked Securities

Feb, 2017 Casey Kuhlman
In this post Casey does a deep dive into an interesting use case for ecosystem applications, resilience bonds.

2017 Blockchain Planning

Jan, 2017 Nina Kilbride
How to build viable blockchain applications in 2017.

Monax's First Two Product Lines: Premium Support and SDKs

Nov, 2016 Casey Kuhlman
We are pleased to announce our product offerings of premium support and software development kits. Both product lines are built to empower your company to get up to speed fast building ecosystem applications.

Eris 0.12.0 is Released

Nov, 2016 Casey Kuhlman
I am incredibly happy to announce that the next version of eris is released as of today.

Prizes, Permissions and Ecosystem Applications

Oct, 2016 Nina Kilbride
Permissions are things of value in themselves, independent of currency or token.

From Chaos to Order -- Rebranding Eris to Monax

Sep, 2016 Casey Kuhlman
We are excited to turn the company's marmot factor up to 11.

Enforcing Legal Smart Contracts

Aug, 2016 Nina Kilbride
The size of the legal engineer’s undertaking is tremendous, but it is proportional to the commercial value of automated contract provisions, decisions, and actions.

The Marmot Den - Our Community Slack - is Open For Business!

Aug, 2016 Zach Ramsay
Monax opens a community Slack - The Marmot Den