Monax in the News

Monax has been in the press a lot this year - here's a list of the highlights (updated regularly)

Monax have been busy building, and as we edge closer to the launch of both the Agreements Network and the Monax Platform (a user-friendly gateway to the Agreements Network), the press are taking a lot of interest in what we have to say.

Below is a collection of print, online and broadcast news featuring both the company and our Chief Marmot/CEO, Casey Kuhlman. This blog will be updated regularly so please check back to keep up with our mentions (if you are a journalist reading this, feel free to email [email protected] for any stories or quotes - we are always happy to talk Monax!)

Here is the list of our most recent press:

Photo by ELIJAH O’DONNELL on Unsplash.

GROW revenue. SHRINK risk.

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