Introducing the Monax Legal Product Studio

The Monax Legal Product Studio is a collaborative commercial environment that leverages the power of the Monax LPM to build market-ready legal templates.

Announcing the Monax Legal Product Studio

Monax has long worked under the premise that if we make it easier for lawyers and other domain experts to turn their work into software-based legal products, companies will succeed exponentially by harnessing legal operations for both efficiency and growth. It’s a big commitment, but Monax and the networked economy are up to the challenge.

The Monax Platform is dedicated to a paradigm shift in the ability for everyday users to see, understand, and execute important legal functions. This means Monax legal products must be sensitive to and flexible enough to meet the ever-changing needs of legal users.

Today we announce the Monax Legal Products Studio, a collaborative, solutions-and-tools driven workspace within the Monax platform for businesses, legal and tech professionals to come together.

Recently we released the Monax Legal Product Modeler (LPM), a product authoring tool leveraging a combination of BPMN and Solidity to create, deploy, operate, monitor, and prove Active Agreements. The Monax Legal Product Studio (LPS) is a collaborative commercial environment that leverages the power of the Monax LPM to build market-ready legal templates available for individual or business use. With Studio, users can create, test and market their work product in a community who understand the promise of legal technology in digital networks.

Below is a sampling of functionalities built into the LPM that studio users can combine and leverage for endless legal product development:

  • Ability to delegate and coordinate team tasks – Organizations , Departments + infinite Lanes creation in process diagrams.

  • Automation of repetitive tasks – Total Counter Check enables looping + Wait Timer enables timing repeating tasks.

  • Decision points and/or multiple pathways during relationship development – Gateway + Flows

  • Visibility of most important contract performance terms – Parameters.

  • Visibility of state of development of contractual obligations – Processes dashboard tab highlighting the tasks in every agreement’s details to show the stage of that task within the lifecycle of the agreement.

  • Easy access to all existing and existed obligational relationships and control of their current legal state – Agreements Library.

  • Quickest way to comply with and track your obligations - Tasks list.

  • Secure and immutable audit trail of legal obligations – Events tab in every Active Agreement’s details.

  • Access to quality legal products that suit a variety of needs – Templates Library + Jurisdiction sort.

The Monax Legal Product Studio gives legal product designers and builders the business context to bring these tools to life. The studio ensures that Monax commercial customers have a dynamic environment that encourages legal to keep up with their demands and needs.

Monax - fulfilling the promise of the digital revolution, one legal machine at a time.

If you want to learn more about how Monax can help you focus on your business instead of drowning in legal hassle - sign up to a demo below!

Photo by EFE KURNAZ on Unsplash.

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