The Monax Team at Hyperledger Global Forum, Basel, Switzerland 2018

Some of our marmot engineers attended the first Hyperledger Global's the lowdown

It’s been a mighty busy year for the marmots! When we haven’t been busy building and refining our new contract management behemoth, the Monax Platform, we’ve been attending events far and wide to spread the marmot word! The Hyperledger Global Forum in Basel last week was the final leg of our journey, and what a way to finish the year!

The Global Forum was set up by the great folks at Hyperledger to give the opportunity for over 1000 users and contributors to the Hyperledger business blockchain technologies to meet, plan and hack together face-to-face.

Monax is both contributor and maintainer of Hyperledger Burrow, one of the Hyperledger greenhouse projects. We sent the full EU developer team to Basel, and both CEO Casey and CTO Silas did a series of talks across the 4 day event. They had a super-productive time throughout, and were able to connect with users of Burrow on a much wider scale than before. The notes from the two Burrow workshops can be found here

Casey gave not just one but three talks during the week, and had this to say about the event as a whole:

There were two big takeaways for me from the Global Forum. First, and foremost, it was exciting and interesting to attend a blockchain event where the technology was treated as what – for me – it fundamentally is: software. This event was littered with technical talks and talks at the intersection of technology and business – all of which had a strong engineering bend to them. It wasn’t only me who observed this, nearly every conversation I had with the community took note of this and how refreshing it was.

The second big takeaway – and perhaps more important – was that we are at the beginning of a transformational shift in this technology away from the idea that public and permissioned blockchain software are fundamentally different from one another. We saw at the forum a number of folks who lie more on the public blockchain end of the spectrum than I have ever seen at similar events. These folks were interested in how permissioned blockchain networks can be additive to the strong base foundations of what public blockchain technologies can offer. In addition, I spoke with a number of other projects besides our own who are coming from the permissioned side of the industry and moving ever closer to the public side of the industry. This was so refreshing to me because these two ends of the spectrum of what blockchains can do both have something to offer each other. It has been disheartening in the past to have folks on one end of the spectrum decry the other and claim that the other end of the spectrum has nothing to add to the equation – such maximalism is rarely fruitful in the real world, and I was extremely heartened to see a reduction in this mindset in favor of an increasingly big tent atmosphere where both sides of the spectrum are embraced, challenged, and respected.

Here are the slides from Casey’s presentation “Blockchains: from Huh? to Hype? to Meh”

The team at Hyperledger put on a fab event and the team had a great time…it would be a shame to end this blog without at least one cheeky tweet from the marmots:

Till next year!

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