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Our Story

MONAX milestones

Born out of Ethereum skype rooms, Eris Industries set out to replace the Bitcoin Foundation as part of a US$100,000 contest

Burrow, the world's first permissioned Ethereum smart-contract blockchain node, is launched

Eris 0.10, the world's first open-source smart contract suite, is launched

Monax submits its smart contract machine to Hyperledger for the furtherance of cross-industry blockchain technologies

Monax joins Enterprise Ethereum Alliance connecting Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics and technology vendors

In collaboration with some of the world's most prominent law and technology firms, the Agreements Network will provide the legal layer for a networked world

Monax Platform released - collaboratively execute your obligations

Humans of MONAX

There are 15 of us - 8 software engineers, 2 legal engineers, 3 lawyers, 6 women and 2 military veterans

New York
Alice Ide

Executive Assistant and Marketing Associate

Adam Locklin

Director of Partnerships

Anjlee Khurana

Senior Legal Engineer

Chenxiao Hu Wu

Legal Engineer

Greg Hill

Site Reliability Engineer

Mel Roy

Operations Manager

Ommi Shimizu

Full Stack Engineer

Matt Basile

Full Stack Engineer

Sam Sinha

Smart Contract Engineer

Sean Young

Platform Engineer

Tobias Barnes Hofmeister

Strategic Designer

Casey Kuhlman


Jan Hendrik Scheufen


Silas Davis


David Galbraith


Yann Ranchere


Jeremy Drane


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