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Changemakers in Music, Events, Real Estate and Software
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Creatives focus
on creating

Here's how:

  • Create transparency around creation and delivery of content for all parties involved
  • Reduce discrepancies that keep you from getting your royalty payments
  • Instantaneously fulfill your delivery requirement on the go to stay focussed on creating

Events save time

Here's how:

  • Templatize your contracts and make it easier for your speakers, sponsors and partners to sign
  • Attach all bios, logos, and schedules right to your contract to keep everybody on the same page
  • Negotiate better deals than the year before with easy visibility of all important terms at a glance
Real Estate

Real Estate stays legal

Here's how:

  • Speed up the process to formalise agreements with electronic signatures
  • Eliminates the tedious process of sending contracts separately by creating digital contracts in bulk
  • Find everything easily and empower all parties involved by storing your contracts in a unified repository

Software companies recognise revenue

Here's how:

  • Create digitally native contracts to always know their exact status of delivery, what needs to happen and by whom
  • Implement commercial contract tracking to ensure sales, accounts, finance, and your customers are on same page
  • Increase revenue recognition with unprecedented visibility across business functions of what has been delivered

Find out what these teams already know.

Martin Machin
Martin Machin

Zircon Tech

“Zircon Tech could go live fast with labor and service contracts, from “quick agreements” functionality to more complex business flows including service delivery, approvals, payments and recurring cycles.”

Kurt M. Watkins
Kurt M. Watkins

Partner at MG Miller

“Monax provides a combination of consistency, transparency, and sophistication for contract management previously not available to small to mid-size businesses.”

Dezireh Eyn
Dezireh Eyn

Co-Founder & COO at Platinum

“Their flexibility and ability to provide a one stop platform for a wide range of contracts, including terms and expirations is allowing us to track things that we never imagined we could.”

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