With Monax's Premium Support & Education Packages your ecosystem application building experience will speed up dramatically.


Note: As of 2017, our platform has been renamed to Monax. The references on this page have been recently changed.

At Monax, we strive to document our platform in the best manner we can and also to provide self-help tutorials which aid companies getting started with this technology.

However, building applications that properly leverage ecosystem application technology is a non-trivial matter. There is a great amount of complexity in being able to build such applications correctly.

Monax’s premium support and education packages provide both fora to answer questions, as well as experiential learning sessions for your developers to be able to more quickly build your ecosystem applications.


By building with Monax’s engineers, your development time will be significantly reduced. We have build our premium support & education packages to meet three demands within the market.

First, because there is an increased amount of complexity in building ecosystem applications vis a vis more established application paradigms, many experienced developers have many questions which they need to have answered so that they have a full enough understanding of the technological base to build the applications effectively. The premium support component of our packages provides a vehicle for your developers to ask our engineers whatever questions they want with a guaranteed response time of 2 business days.

Second, with ecosystem applications there are emergent design patterns and architectural considerations that differ significantly from how experienced developers are used to building applications. The education component of our packages provides a vehicle for your developers to learn from other subscribers as well as our engineers how to think about designing and building ecosystem applications. Each subscriber receives a seat or seats to monthly interactive learning sessions with Monax’s core team.

Third, there are a range of operational considerations which come into play when building an ecosystem application on a permissioned blockchain base. Our team of engineers and operations specialists can help ensure that your base blockchain is deployed correctly and running smoothly, so that your development team can drive business value rather than worrying about the minutae of setting up a complex network.

What Premium Support & Education Packages are Available?

Packages Discovery Package Professional Package Enterprise Package
Subscription Length Monthly Monthly Monthly
Premium Support Premium e-mail Support Premium e-mail Support Premium e-mail Support
Private Chat Support
Learning Sessions 1 seat per smart contract session
1 seat per platform session
2 seats per smart contract session
2 seats per platform session
1 bespoke smart contract session
1 bespoke platform session
Burrow Permissioned Blockchain Network FOSS only 1x 4-node blockchain deployed to
Customer’s Azure or AWS Environment
1x 7-node blockchain deployed to
Customer’s Azure or AWS Environment
Qualified Customers Businesses with less than 100 employees only No restrictions No restrictions

Product Specifics & FAQs

Monthly subscriptions can be used at any time during the period but don’t roll over.

Learning sessions are a one hour online video conference where Monax’s developers will share techniques for simplifying your development time and your developers can ask the “bigger” questions which are not able to be handled in a support request.

Learning sessions are conducted for many buying organizations at the same time with a maximum capacity of 15 developer seats per session. Learning sessions for POC Enterprise packages are conducted only with the buying organization’s developers and have a maximum capacity of 10 developer seats per session.

The Burrow permissioned blockchain included in POC Professional and POC Enterprise Packages is a multinode deployment of the FOSS Burrow that can be deployed into customer’s Azure or AWS environments. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways depending on your workflow and requirements. Once a POC Package is purchased, your account manager will be in touch with the options for deploying your Burrow permissioned blockchain to your development environment.

Monax does not provide an SLA on the Burrow permissioned blockchain being operational, however customers may utilize their support time for Monax’s developers to help them fix problems with their blockchain.

Monax cannot provide legal advice.

How to Purchase

We will offer our premium support and education packages to the general developer community in 2017 but at this time they are available via the Monax partnership network. If you would like to leverage Monax’s premium support and education packages to empower your ecosystem application developers please let your technology provider know, or get in touch via our contact form and our account managers will be in touch regarding pricing details.

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After your order is processed, we will ask a few questions to verify that your company meets the qualification criteria (if necessary) for the package and then we will set up your premium support channel, register your developers for our learning sessions, and understand how you would like your Burrow Permissioned Blockchain Network provisioned.

What are the Use Cases for Ecosystem Applications?

To learn more about the use cases which are relevant to your company or organization please use the below selector or the table of contents in the sidebar.