The Monax platform is for building, testing, maintaining, and operating ecosystem applications with a blockchain backend. Wrangling the dragons of smart contract blockchains has never been easier.


Note: As of 2017, our platform has been renamed to Monax. The references on this page have been recently changed.

Monax gives access to developers and DevOps who use blockchains, smart contracts, key management systems, and distributed data lakes to a core set of tools tackling big problems. Addressing issues of coordination and reconciliation across our increasingly interconnected organizations requires building applications that are meant to run on a the level of a business ecosystem rather than in any individual business alone These are what we call ecosystem applications. Ecosystem applications are the next generation of process management tools and the Monax platform is the gateway to building sophisticated enterprise-grade ecosystem applications.

The Monax Application Platform is built from the ground up to provide a logical base for developers and DevOps to build, test, and operate ecosystem applications. It is designed to support multiple blockchain nodes connected to multiple blockchain networks with different smart contract interpreters, all seamlessly connected to other microservices necessary to build, test, and run the ecosystem application, such as key management systems and distributed data lakes.

The Monax command-line interface, or Monax-CLI, is the primary tool we make for developers seeking a harmonized experience when seeking to deploy blockchains in their organisations.

Overview of an Ecosystem Application

The above diagram provides a high level overview of the different pieces of an ecosystem application. The green boxes are part of the Monax technology stack while purple represents external services managed by the CLI.


Note: Current and future versions of the software (0.16 and forward) have replaced the eris command with the monax command as shown below.

The CLI is a modular platform of numerous connected services and tools that simplify building, testing, and running ecosystem applications.


monax chains is the gateway to unlocking the power of permissionable, smart contract optimized blockchains – of which our Burrow client is the industry leader. It exposes a range of options for developers to create, administer, and operate blockchains of various varieties.


monax pkgs is the gateway to unlocking the power of smart contract systems. It exposes a range of options for developers to create, build, test, and deploy complex systems of smart contracts to their monax chains.


monax keys is the gateway to the common signing pipe that monax exposes. It exposes a range of developers to quickly get up to speed with prototyping their ecosystem applications. It also provides the reference API implementation for wallet-makers, and other, more advanced, signing solutions to satisfy in order to work seamlessly with the monax platform.


monax files is the gateway to unlocking the power of distributed data lakes. It exposes a range of functionality for working with content-addressable and distributed data management systems.


monax services is the gateway to unlocking services which your application needs to rely upon. It exposes a range of base operational functionality for integrating microservices into your ecosystem application.

Software Development Kits

We build smart contract based SDKs that accelerate your time to market with complex ecosystem applications.

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Premium Support & Education

At Monax, we provide premium support and education packages that empower your developers to build faster.

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What is the Platform Used For?

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