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Monax is Going on the Road ›

Monax is focused on growing a strong community and we’re really excited to share the incredible work we’ve been building with our global aud...

23 August, 2018 | Rachel Davidson, Senior Marketing Associate

Engineering Blockchain Consortia ›

Engineering blockchain consortia

18 April, 2017 | Nina Kilbride, CCO

2017 Blockchain Planning ›

How to build viable blockchain applications in 2017.

13 January, 2017 | Nina Kilbride, CCO

Blockchain Legal Engineering ›

Smart contracts add to the legal engineer’s toolbox the novel element of *data certainty*

2 May, 2016 | Nina Kilbride, CCO

Legal Entity Global Ledger - How to liberate public data (with chains) ›

A call to free public data like the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

8 April, 2016 | Jan Scheufen, CPO

Public Science: A Slightly More Practical Guide ›

Science for Everybody

15 March, 2016 | Monax

Blockchains For Science: Aligning Research Incentives ›

Participatory Research. Citizen Science

14 March, 2016 | Monax

Blockchains and Banks, or Why Hearn's Post Isn't a PR Stunt ›

Mike Hearn's post has gotten many riled up. This is expected. However it doesn't have anything to do with the banks and Casey explains why.

17 January, 2016 | Casey Kuhlman, CEO

On Permissioning Your Blockchains ›

This is a think piece examining the idea of application-specific blockchains. Where are they useful? Where are they not useful?

26 September, 2015 | Casey Kuhlman, CEO

On Licensing: Why Monax is GPLv3 ›

We have been thinking (and discussing) licensing of blockchain tech and tooling a lot internally recently. Here's what we think.

30 August, 2015 | Casey Kuhlman, CEO

An Ecosystems Approach to Blockchaining ›

Casey describes his four tenets of distributed application building which underly the recent redesign of the eris stack.

25 August, 2015 | Casey Kuhlman, CEO

How I (currently) Explain The State of Blockchains To Executives and Researchers ›

As a smart contract and blockchains startup we are asked to explain the general state of the technology more than if we were a startup in a ...

10 August, 2015 | Casey Kuhlman, CEO

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