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What if the smart contract has a bug? ›

In this post Casey addresses one of the biggest questions we often get at Monax. What if our smart contract has a bug?

5 February, 2019 | Casey Kuhlman, CEO

Introducing the Monax BPMN Engine - the Powerhouse for Legal Products. ›

Today Monax, a leader in open-source blockchain technology, announces the release of our Blackstone project which comprises a business proce...

25 September, 2018 | Rachel Davidson, Senior Marketing Associate

Engineering Blockchain Consortia ›

Engineering blockchain consortia

18 April, 2017 | Nina Kilbride, CCO

2017 Blockchain Planning ›

How to build viable blockchain applications in 2017.

13 January, 2017 | Nina Kilbride, CCO

Lessons on Preparation for Disaster from the DAO ›

Core Solidity developer explains what not to do when creating a DAO

18 June, 2016 | Monax

Self-driving banks: industrial verification without industrial capex ›

Self-driving business process automation is not just coming - it's here, now, today. In shipped code. Monax's COO and head of legal engineer...

17 September, 2015 | Monax

WTF Are Smart Contracts Anyway? ›

Casey summarizes what he finds interesting and impactful about smart contract technology and why he is skeptical of the term to begin with.

15 September, 2015 | Casey Kuhlman, CEO

How I (currently) Explain The State of Blockchains To Executives and Researchers ›

As a smart contract and blockchains startup we are asked to explain the general state of the technology more than if we were a startup in a ...

10 August, 2015 | Casey Kuhlman, CEO

On Increasing Verifiability of Data For Small Businesses ›

How do we increase verifiability for small businesses in all markets is currently a job for SaaS solutions. But are there more distributed o...

8 January, 2015 | Casey Kuhlman, CEO

Smart Contract Writing, LLL and the creation of the Eris Standard Library ›

An examination of the challenges of writing smart contracts in Ethereum's Low Level Language (LLL), and why I built the Eris Standard Librar...

17 December, 2014 | Dr Tyler Jackson, Chief Scientist

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