Ideal Use Cases

The use cases that are relevant to you likely depend on who you are. The uses of ecosystem applications are broad and deep. Many of the most interesting applications are longer term and rely on more “foundational” use cases to be implemented by a range of ecosystem participants. Other use cases may not be good uses of ecosystem application technology and rather can be more effectively built using traditional application architecture.

To learn more about the use cases which are relevant to your company or organization please use the below selector or the table of contents in the sidebar.

Monax’s Use Cases Decision Framework

The table below summarizes our internal decision framework for thinking about what systems make good candidates for leveraging ecosystem application technology instead of traditional single-company centry application. The more that one is able to answer yes to the questions, the better the use case.

Number Question Answer
1 Is the use case not currently digitized? Yes / No
2 Is the use case not digitized because of high coordination costs? Yes / No
3 Does the use case require cryptographic certainty that events have happened? Yes / No
4 Does the use case require marks of authenticity to be digitally “passported” between participants? Yes / No
5 Does the use case currently require multiple humans too perform data entry within multiple, redundant participants? Yes / No
6 Is data transparency amongst participants more valuable than keeping siloed information private? Yes / No
7 Does the use case require high transparency with respect to the processes being performed? Yes / No
8 Will participants within a system benefit in a syncronous manner by standardizing processes? Yes / No
9 Is process transparency amongst participants more valuable than keeping processes secret? Yes / No
10 Can participants reduce compliance costs by leveraging transparency by directly sharing data and processes with regulatory agencies? Yes / No

Over the course of the entries in this section of our site we will bring out many of the criteria which we leverage to analyze whether a particular use case is well suited to ecosystem application technology and explain why the questions are relevant to understanding a good use case to leverage building applications that run on a network or ecosystem level instead of how we have traditionally built applications.